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Life has been collectively paused for all of us around the world and now it is finally time to #StepIntoNext

You’re invited to Step Into Next by showing us your transition; whether you are stepping into confidence, achieving a goal, checking off an item from your bucket list or simply taking a small step into becoming the best version of you. 

Contest Dates: September 2nd - September 16th 2021

How To Enter

Take inspiration from our campaign, examples from creators and other #AldoCrew members' entries on our page 

Submit your entry on Instagram through a Reels video or Stories showcasing how you are “Stepping Into Next” 

Be sure to tag @Aldo_Shoes, use the hashtags #StepIntoLove and #StepIntoNextMake sure to use the ALDO Sound ‘‘Purple Hat by SOFI TUKKER” 

Campaign Concepts & Content Themes

Step over the ordinary and out of the status quo with fashion forward styling. Show us how you get ready, out the door and into a new groove 

Step into the spotlight, day or night, with statement making style and an energetic, center-stage setting. Make the city streets your runway, or film in a jaw-dropping destination! Show us your self-love glow up or a brave new venture you are stepping into. 

We want to see transitions big and small that celebrate your life moments and finding joy in the little and big things. Everything from running errands and meeting up with friends, to booking that trip or landing that dream job! 

Step out of your comfort zone and into new experiences - Show and tell us how comfortable, wearable, walkable your shoes are, highlighting key design features.  

Official Rules & Details

Styling Guidelines

Style a full look using ALDO accessories only. Please leave off any sunglasses, hats, scarves, handbags and footwear that are not Aldo - Minimal, everyday jewelry is okay to use 

No lingerie-inspired garments, such as caging, boning, bustiers, etc. 

No overly revealing clothing, neck or hemlines. No excessive rips or distressing Pant and skirt lengths should not cover shoes 

No designer logos and branding 

No Swimwear or Shirtless Looks  

Settings Guidelines

Clean, well designed and clutter free interiors 

No branded or street artwork featured on walls  

No graffiti, street art, scaffolding or store signage should be featured in outdoor backgrounds Outdoor Street settings should have clean pavement and avoid clutter, debris or garbage 

Do not feature any single use shopping bags or manufacturer’s packaging (i.e., stickers, stuffing, plastic, price tags) or single use waste (i.e., coffee cups) Shoot in daytime, natural lighting only. No harsh flash or blur. 

Reels & TikTok How-To

TikTok and Reels are designed to be viewed as 9:16 (1080 X 1920) or vertically full screen 

When Reels appear in-feed they are displayed in a 4:5 ratio, more commonly known as ‘portrait’ (1080 X 1350) 

When displayed in the Reels newsfeed, it will crop the top 15%, and the bottom 15% off your Reels video 

Ensure the main visual of your content is lined up within the 4:5 ratio area, and that it’s perfectly centered in the middle of the 9:16 screen 

Position yourself in frame with enough space around you to crop 4:5 and 1:1 for in-feed without cutting off head or feet, for video and static images 

T&C's can be found here